They Put Motors In It! Denon DJ Announces Motorized SC5000M

Denon DJ is today announcing a new model that’s being added to their media player lineup: the SC5000M. This is a motorized platter version of the SC5000 media player that launched last year. So for motorized platter fans (like NS7 owners) who want a standalone setup, this could be ideal – and a clever way for the “new” era of Denon DJ to remind us all of their history making motorized media players. Keep reading for the details.

SC5000M: The Prime Experience, Motorized

  • Gear: SC5000M
  • Manufacturer: Denon DJ
  • Price: $1,899 (the same price as the “normal” SC5000)
  • Availability: Fall 2018

Let’s get one thing out of the way: the primary difference between the SC5000 and the SC5000M is the spinning motorized jogwheel. There’s not too much else to talk about – it has all the same features as the SC5000 – including the HD multi-touch display, dual-layer playback with individual audio outs, trigger pads for cue/loop/slicing, etc. This is very much the same unit on the base layer.

But instead of a display in the middle of the jogwheel, Denon DJ has added a motor and replaced the jogwheel with a real 7″ vinyl record on it:

The platter has adjustable vinyl tension for slip/scratch control (this is also called start/stop speed), and there’s two variable torque settings (high and low) for different feels.

The SC5000M will be sold along the original SC5000, and are the same price. It’s a pretty smart business move to diversify the type of DJ you’re appealing to with a single feature set change – but it does feel a little like the original model could stand to be discounted since it has fewer moving parts.

Remember Older Denon DJ Motorized Players?

I couldn’t help when seeing this to think about the set of Denon S3500s that I owned when first learning how to DJ – motorized platters are back, apparently!

Will this new model be appealing to digital DJs and convince them to make a switch to an Engine-based standalone setup?
Let us know your perspective in the comments below. 

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